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At Jowin our commitment to customers continue long when we have sold-out our product through the vast Jowin Retail Network. we've service for all Jowin product at our retail partner location. we at Jowin try for quality support to all our customers and even if you are not one, simply walk into any of our Jowin store to see health of your battery no matter brand it may be.

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Inverter Sales and Services in Adambakkam

Battery Replacements:

We provide full battery replacement solutions for all UPS product regardless of manufacturer with prompt co-ordination between UPS supplier and customer,

Inverter Sales and Services in Adambakkam


We offer a wide range of Annual maintenance contract, contract options to maintain your UPS, Inverters, Servo Stabilizers and Batteries.

Inverter Sales and Services in Adambakkam

After Sales Service:

Jowin Batteries major strength point is strong technical background. with that we can offer quality after sales service support.

Check the following when you buy a new battery
1. Ensure your current battery is failed. sometimes your vehicles electrical system might have a problem. hence make sure the right reason for the problem
2. Refer Battery cluster size suggested by your manufacturer within the vehicle manual. Battery group size indicates the battery size that may best work the physical dimensions of your vehicle. many vehicles will accommodate over one cluster size
3. Before fitting the new battery, insist on checking the electrical system of your vehicle
4. Check the cranking voltage that should be over 9.8Volts across the battery terminal
Handling Used Batteries
1. It is the responsibility of the user to confirm that used batteries are properly disposed by returning them to the dealer/manufacturer/authorised battery recycler.
2. Do not discard the battery in trash or give away or sell to an unauthorised person.
3. Please note the violations of those tips could lead to legal action/prosecution by the government authorities.
1. Measure the total voltage of the batteries during float charge (or trickle charge). If the charging equipment provides an incorrect reading, make sure to analyze the reason behind any deviation from the specified voltage vary
2. Check the batteries for any sign of irregularities in look or damage like a crack or deformation, or if solution leak is found on the case cowl etc. The batteries should be replaced with a new one. Also, clean the batteries if these are found to be dirty due to dirt and dust.
Charging Instructions
1. Charge the battery at a continuing voltage of 2.275V/Cell (27°C). once charging at an close temperature of 5°C or below or 35°C or above, it's necessary to adjust the charge voltage in regard to the temperature.
2. The temperature constant should be ± 4mV/°C cell (+ if temperature is lower and – if temperature is higher). Initial charge current should be zero.20CA (where C is the nominal capability value and A is amperes) or less.
3. Charge the battery as an close temperature from 5°C to 35°C to prevent any adverse effects on its effective life.
Discharging Instructions
1. The continuous discharge and maximum discharge current shouldn't exceed the values of specification.
2. Repeated excessive discharging can shorten the battery life.
3. After discharging, now recharge the battery. ne'er leave it in discharged state. The capacity to hold charge are affected if the battery is left discharged for a long period.
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